Formostar Encore Dual


formostarencoreThe Formostar Encore Dual Infrared Body Wrap system is a professional system that uses infrared heat through silicone pads that can be targeted on your customers trouble areas. The areas such as thighs (to lose inches and improve cellulite), stomach (to lose inches and tone and tighten) and the infrared heat can also help to burn up to 1400 calories in just one treatment.

The specially formed silicone pads provide the infrared heat generation through an active carbon fiber matrix contained within the pads to provide even distribution of the heat across the surface of the silicone treatment pads.

Benefits of this far infrared heat found in the Formostar Encore are increased metabolism (burn up to 1400 calories in one treatment), body contouring, fat and inch loss, pain relief, and the improvement of the appearance of cellulite (it will smooth out the cellulite).

The Formostar Encore Dual control model can power up to 6 silicone treatment pads for each of two separate clients simultaneously. With this system, you can now treat 2 clients at the same time in a couple’s treatment room or alternatively, in two separate side by side rooms.

Double the treatments results may result in double the revenue capability and with minimal labor costs required. All the staff need do is check on the clients occasionally to ask their comfort level.

Formostar Encore Dual Features:

• Dual LED TV monitors provide constant visual readout
• Built-in timer mechanism with automatic shut off
• Timer countdown meter
• 4 silicone treatment pads for Arms
• 4 silicone treatment pads for Legs
• 2 silicone Hip/Buttocks treatment pad
• 2 silicone Stomach or Chest treatment pad

Businesses that would benefit from having a Formostar Encore system: Day Spas, Medical Spa, Resort Spas, and Wellness Centers.

Technical Specifications

Base Width: 21″
Base Depth: 23″
Height: 46″

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