The Formostar Encore Infrared Body Wrap Treatment Provides a New Revenue Source for Tanning Salons

Infrared Body Wrap

Infrared Body Wrap

Port Hueneme, CA – The Formostar Encore Infrared Body Wrap Treatment System is the perfect addition to any tanning salon looking to diversify and supplement their tanning revenue with a high-end, high-perceived value treatment that is a true revenue generator. And best of all, there is NO TAN TAX. The Original Formostar was known worldwide and had been the recognized leader for Infrared Body Wrap Treatments until now. The introduction of the NEW Formostar Encore replaces the Original Formostar with an upgraded design that is attractive and compact. The system will fit right into an existing tanning bed room; all that is needed is a massage table to get started when the system arrives.

According to Jim Frye, President of Formostar Direct, “Many of our clients pay for the Formostar Encore in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. With an ROI that fast, I’ve actually encouraged some tanning salons to buy 2 systems. A significant payback opportunity that many salons have put into play is promoting the Formostar Infrared Body Wrap with Groupon. In fact, one salon actually sold more than 3,000 client wraps on a Groupon Deal of the Day. Even at the discounted rate and paying Groupon their share, the salon still generated $45,000 in revenues from the Groupon promotion.” Jim further states, “No other piece of equipment in the salon has the revenue potential of the Formostar Encore Portable. The potential payback per square foot cannot be matched with a tanning bed at any level.”

To assure salons will be successful; a complete marketing kit is included with each Formostar Encore Infrared Body Wrap system, encouraging customers to sign-up for multiple treatment session packages. The FAR Infrared Body Wrap Treatments require minimal staff supervision, so labor costs are low. Wrapping takes just minutes and adds a personal touch to the treatment session. The Formostar Encore Portable Infrared Body Wrap System uses a standard power source and has low power consumption, operating on pennies per session.

An added bonus in comparison to other body wraps on the market is that there are no consumables to purchase, store, or dispose of up making set-up and clean-up fast and easy.

The System has a built-in LED countdown timer and has a T-Max jack for salon use. The aroma delivery system adds to the customers’ overall treatment experience. Six silicone treatment pads are included for wrapping customer trouble zones (arms, thighs, hips/buttocks, and abdomen). The compact lightweight design has a built-in handle making it quite portable. The Formostar Encore measures 19” (W) x 16” (H) x 9” (D) and weighs just over 20 lbs.

The 1-hour non-invasive treatment experience does not require salon customers to disrobe, eliminating modesty issues. The Formostar Encore Infrared body wrap provides FAR infrared heat through an active carbon fiber matrix contained within the silicone treatment pads enveloping and penetrating the body for maximum results.

The Formostar Encore will provide customers with the following results:

  • Burn up to 1,400 calories per session – stimulating weight loss
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite
  • Contour and slimming – inch loss
  • Provide pain relief
  • Rejuvenate & smooth skin
  • Detoxify
  • Manage stress

The Formostar Encore Infrared Body Wrap Treatment System will allow tanning salon owners and operators to capitalize on their existing customer base by offering a premium service at an affordable price that delivers results. Creating a loyal customer base that will provide referrals will be an additional benefit of the system as more and more individuals are looking to supplement their healthy lifestyle with infrared body wrap treatments that will fit into their fitness and well being regime.

Infrared Body Wrap

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